God created horses with an incredible ability to help people restore inner peace and joy while radiating a positive energy that touches the human body, mind, and emotions.  God can be seen in all of His creation, but this magnificent creature has been a special blessing to mankind for many generations.

I believe that God touches the human spirit through His horses.  He uses them to minister to his children.  Horses help relieve stress and calm nerves and emotions.  Interacting with them can bring a deep inner peace and joy.  Horses help deal with anger, sadness, and grief.  They help develop confidence and compassion.

Many say that horses mirror us and our emotions.  They help us to see ourselves and our state of mind, or the person we really are.  We can learn through horses many of our strengths and weaknesses.  We not only benefit from what they offer us, but if we are willing we can also experience inner growth that will be manifested in our lives.

Miniature horses don’t intimidate as their larger relatives can, but they do provide the same “therapeutic” functions (helping those with learning and developmental disabilities, autism, ADD, bipolar disorders, the emotionally challenged, and kids with anti-social behavior).  They benefit communication, motor skills, and social skills.  We want to use horses to help empower and encourage people.