Support Our Mission!

Healing Hooves has donated time and services to Quiet Oaks Hospice, pony parties for a State Trooper Fundraiser and a Centra Care hospice fundraiser.  We also donated our time to ringing bells for the Salvation Army and try to help as we can to donate time or lessen fees for individuals who are unable to pay for our on-site services.  We visit senior living facilities at discounted rates.

I would love to be able to donate even more to those in need and to those who could use a “mini” blessing or a pony party for a good cause.  Unless we have regular  income coming in, we are unable to do this.  The horses need to eat year round, have farrier expenses and health expenses.   We also have wear and tear on the trailers and truck and need gas to travel.

We love and appreciate referrals!  Please pass on our information if you know someone looking for a fun and memorable experience.  Also please get in touch with us if you know a good cause that we could bless.  We will be donating a limited number of pony parties each year.

We need your help!

Partner With Us!

We work with several special needs children and families who are in need of financial assistance.  If you are able to donate towards their private coaching sessions so that they can come on a regular basis, please get in touch with Tracy.  Only $20 will help a child!

We can only do pony parties from June to October so we need other income streams as well if we are to be able to continue these services.  We sell eggs, hopefully in the near future, beef, and we also sell baked goods and various craft items.

Another way we support the farm throughout the year is by shopping online for our needs, instead of running in to Target or Whole Foods.  We LOVE shopping local when we can and supporting stores that produce products made here in the USA.  If you are open to exploring this shopping option, buying local, and seeing what might be in it for you as well, please click the button to the right for a two minute video that will get you the information.

No risk, only savings of time and money!  Thank you for considering letting me serve you in this way and for being open to shopping local as my customer!